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Formal Wear

There has been the introduction of a new clothing silhouette featuring a narrower jacket lapel, fitted side suppression and a trimmer non-pleated trouser with a tapered bottom. At Victor Talbots we are presently offering three distinct sartorial fit models which will encompass all body styles of various individuals. The first model is a high fashion trim fit; second model is a blending of a fitted and classic make; third model emphasizes a more relaxed and classic cut fit.

The return to formal dress has become an obsession with men whether they are going down the isle, going to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or hosting an Awards Debut. Men are taking a tremendous interest in selecting and coordinating their attire based on the event itself or with their significant other.

This Season has given men a vast selection of tone-on-tone tuxedos, patterned vests, braces, exotic evening ties, and elegant footwear. The Single Breasted One Button Tuxedo is the leading fashion style this Fall and Spring. The classic peak and shawl lapel in midnight blue appeals to gentlemen who want a more timeless and sophisticated look. Double Breasted Peak and Shawl Models are becoming popular once again along with the return of the Winter White On White Dinner Jacket and silk paisley and floral jackets for that inner rock star in all of us.

For a more casual formal look, we recommend the lay down collar shirt in a fly front twill fabric design, with a coordinating long tie tied with a full Windsor knot. The popularity of the evening tie has had the same fashion impact of the banded collar shirt. The only similarity between the two has been the psychological comfort factor amongst men.

The distinct properties of the evening tie as a great fashion item enables the wearer to have a very dramatic look and truly set him apart from the maître d’ at an affair. One can choose many varieties of the tie such as hand pleatings, lurex detailing, and seven-fold construction. It has truly become the fashion icon for formalwear right alongside the classic bow.

If you are hosting a special event, getting married or just want the very latest look in evening neckwear, we suggest wearing a bow or a dinner tie. Our couture ties are handsomely appointed featuring hand pleatings, woven and velvet fabrics with lurex stitched details, Swarovski crystals and sateen double panel finishes. It can be accompanied with either a wing or lay down collar shirt. Please note that the wing collar is preferred for those opting for a more formal look. To complete this very updated ensemble, we also recommend a complementing vest or braces in either a similar color palette or texture.